New frontier

It’s been a long time since I’ve had my personal site up and running. Long has
my sloth overtaken my desire for documentation. No more.

I like reinventing the wheel. It gives me something interesting to do. But I’m
not Superman. I don’t have superhuman speed with which to do everything I want.
So I decided that instead of building my own platform, I’d find one I liked;
that didn’t necessarily do exactly what I wanted it to, but would suffice for
what it needed to be. To that end, I’ve settled on Sculpin.

Yes, yes, I do most of my work in Java, I know, I know. So why did I choose a
static site generator written in PHP? Well, I prototype stuff in PHP all the
time, and so I always have it installed somewhere. I’m not a fan of Node.js, and
I’m really not a fan of Ruby or RoR. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done plenty of
dev work in both, but I just don’t like them. Not my preference. That’s allowed,

So, you know, woot. I’ve started a blog…again. Perhaps this time I won’t
misplace it. And keep up with it :)